16-in-1 Drinking City Water or Well Water Testing Kit



The bottle of 100 strips provides a comprehensive panel of parameters for testing water as follows

– pH (6.2-8.4)
– Hardness (0 – 425 mg/L)
– Sulfate (0-1600 mg/L)
– Total Chlorine (0-10 mg/L)
– Free Chlorine (1-20 mg/L)
– Bromine (0 – 20 mg/L)
– Nitrate (0-500 mg/L)
– Nitrite (0-80 mg/L)
– Iron (0-500 mg/L)
– Chromium /Cr ( 2 – 100 mg/L)
– Lead (0 – 500 mg/L)
– Copper (0-300 mg/L)
– Mercury (0-0.08 mg/L)
– Fluoride (0 – 200 mg/L))
– Carbonate Root (0-180 mg/L)
– Total Alkalinity (0-240 mg/L)

– Water test strips are made for water quality testing of both qualitative and semi-qualitative.
– It can test a total of 16 parameters in water: pH, Total alkalinity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Mercury, Lead, Iron, Copper, Fluoride, Bromine, Chromium, Hardness, Carbonate Root, and Sulfate.
– The results on the strips can be read visually or instrumentally.
– Tests can be performed with Drinking Water, Pool, Spa, Ponds, Aquarium, and Industrial Waste Water.
Testing conditions and ranges:
– Test your sample at an ambient temperature between 2 ºC – 30 ºC, and relative humidity of less than 80.

– Collect water sample to be tested in a vial, cup, or container
– Immerse the test strip in the desired water sample and remove within 5 seconds
– Hold the strip horizontally and gently tap or shake to remove excess water. Take extra precaution to ensure that the water from test pads dont bleed into each other
– Read the test results carefully within 60 seconds in a good light and with the test area held near the colour chart on the bottle label. Changes in a colour that appear along the edges of the test pads or after more than 2 minutes have passed are of no significance.

Whats in the box
1 x 16 in 1 Drinking City Water or Well Water Testing Kit


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