AlcoScan AL1100F VuvuThela Breathalyser – Blue



AlcoScan AL1100F is a highly sensitive breathalyser, especially useful for very fast checking for alcohol in the breath of drivers on the road and workers entering sites.

AL1100F includes a Full-Size electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor for ethanol specific breathalyser testing and provides a long calibration cycle of up to 1 year before requiring re-calibration. For South Africa calibration is recommended at 6 month intervals due to the most recent case law relating to breathalyser testing.

Being a high-speed tester it permits approximately 12 tests per minute. AL1100F provides both Active and Passive testing with Passive testing being effective when drivers or workers have difficulty exhaling. This unit is suitable for High Speed Industry and Law-Enforcement Alcohol Screening.

– Indication of B.A.C: – PASS 0.00 to 0.010 B.A.C. or mg/l equivalent by GREEN LED
– LOW 0.019 to 0.049% B.A.C. or mg/l equivalent by AMBER LED
– FAIL 0.050 % B.A.C or equivalent and above by RED LED – On or Over Legal Driving Limit in South Africa
– Accuracy: /-0.005ºC at 0.100ºC
– Mouth piece: No Mouthpiece Required – No Touch Design
– Sensor Type: Full Size 1-inch Electrochemical Fuel Cell Type Alcohol Sensor – Ethanol Specific
– Power supply: 12V AC fully rechargeable unit. 12V Power Supply included and In-car charger included
– Weight: 180g
– Dimension (mm): 150mm x 75mm x 24mm
– Remarks – Auto power off
– Battery Low indication
– Fully Re-chargeable
– Robust Silicone Skin with magnet provided standard
– Air flow rate checking for no blows
– Calibrated to Warn (Amber) at Professional Driver Legal Limit of 0.02%B.A.C (0.10Mg/l BrAC & Fail (Red) at Legal Limit of 0.05%B.A.C (0.24Mg/ BrAC)
– Houses a Full Size 1-inch Fuel Cell Sensor

Whats in the box
1 x AlcoScan AL1100F VuvuThela Breathalyser
1 x Full-Size Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor


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