Cool Gel Back Lumbar Support Pillow & Office Seat Memory Foam Cushion (Set)



Sitting for extended periods of time can cause discomfort in the back, hips, and coccyx. Without proper cushioning, that discomfort becomes increasingly agitated. 15% of the adult population suffering from some form of back or spine-related condition. Besides bending awkwardly or lifting incorrectly, the changes in our lifestyles and spending most of our working hours sitting are some of the major causes to blame.

This is why we at SimplyComfy decided to do something about solving this wide-spread issue by manufacturing high-end, premium quality products that aim to prevent or ease the back pain affecting so many peoples everyday life. We are a small, South African-based business specializing in accessories that help create more healthy and comfortable working and living environments.

– Supportive Seating for Your Tailbone – Featuring a “U” shaped cutout, our coccyx seat cushion lifts your tailbone above the hard seating surface to help support your lower body.
– Transforms Any Chair – Lightweight and portable, our chair cushions work perfectly as a desk chair cushion, car seat cushion, gaming chair pad, wheelchair seat cushion, and also for travel.
– Feel the Gel Memory Foam Difference – Our office chair cushions feature premium gel-infused memory foam with heat-responsive technology that adjusts to the curves of your body for better support.
– Experience Cooler Seating – Strategic ventilation holes in the memory foam of our gel seat cushions allow air to circulate throughout, never trapping heat so you always sit comfortable and cool.
– Finally, Sit Down With Proper Back Support – Our back pillow for office chair cradles your upper, middle, and lower back, providing the lumbar support your current chair lacks.
– Encourages Proper Sitting Posture – Stop sitting hunched over. With our seat cushions for pressure relief, they provide the support needed to help you sit better aligned.
– Doesnt Flatten or Lose Shape – If youre worried about the gel cushions for chairs wearing down after daily use, dont. Slow rebounding memory foam retains its shape quickly, never going flat

Whats in the box
1 x Gel Infused Memory Foam Seat Cushion
1 x Gel Infused Memory Foam Back Support


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