Digital Smart Measuring Tape



This is a great tool to keep track of your body measurements- Perfect for a weight loss journey or to keep track of muscle build etc

Retractable tape that can measure a maximum of 150cm

Smart Digital Measuring Tape for Body Via Phone APP, LCD Display, Bluetooth, Measure Body Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Waist, Body Fat, Retractable, Circumferences, Tailor measurements

Smart Body Tape Measure: This Smart Digital Body Tape has a large LCD display, easy to read, will connect to your Smart Phone via Bluetooth with Fitdays Health free Application. This App. will records your body shape and changes, weight loss, fat loss, and analyzes your BMI health status, it’s a kind of muscle tape
Functionality: Smart Digital body measuring tape is a Multi-functional device that traces the changes in different part of your body, a Total of 14 Statistics (Weight, Height, Circumferences of: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Hips, Arms, Thighs, Calves), showing your total body transformation over time. It is the best and perfect choice for professional trainers, fitness enthusiast, and people aiming to lose weight. This Tape is also very suitable for monitoring baby growth on daily basis, and convenient for tailor body measurements
Easy Body Measurement Tool: Press the switch button, choose the Units (Inches/cm), pair the device with phone via Bluetooth with Fitdays, pull out the retractable Smart tape measure and start taking the measurements of your body parts and get accurate results synchronized automatically to the Application. Save the measurement tape data instantly with one click through the Application.
Track Your Body Change: After you complete all the measurements with this Smart Tape, the App. will generate and track data and graphs on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timeframes. You can add many users such as family members and friends. Smart APP will calculate and analyze your body data and mass Index (BMI), and you can view all the results through graphic Charts.
Technology: This measuring tape uses smart technology via Bluetooth that connects with the app on your phone, by integrating all the measurements with a press of a button, user friendly
What You Will Receive: Included is the Body Digital Tape Measure & one User Manual. Body Tape is designed with Retractable tape that can measure a maximum of 60 inches (150cm).
Other Uses: This small electronic portable mini tape measurer has a soft flexible auto retractable ruler, can be used for measuring body circumference arm bicep stomach after workout, can be used with weight scale or fat caliper, or by tailor for measures of fabric during sewing, also we can use it as an automatic analyzer tool or tracker for growth of kids and toddlers

Lithium Round Battery CR2032

How to turn on and reset:
1 Press the (M) to start the device.
2 The units will show immediately, Inches or Cm: If it shows Cm and you want it in inches (or the Opposite, it shows inches and you want it in cm) Press the (M) 1 Time again after 1 second, and the Unit will switch and change to your desired Unit.
3 If you make an error in changing the Units, wait until the device if OFF after few seconds, and repeat Step 2
4 The Digital Tape will power OFF after 10 Seconds if No operation is performed.
5 To reset back to zero, when the device is ON, Press and hold The (M) button for few seconds until you see 4 dashes () then 2 dashes () then (0 inch/cm)

Why does this product stand out:
1 This measuring tape uses smart technology via Bluetooth that connects with the app on your phone, by integrating all the measurements with a press of a button, user friendly
2 The supporting app is available on the Android Playstore and Apple IOS, The app keeps track of your measuring data
3. The app can handle more than one user
4. The device is small and easy to carry around
5. The device makes it easier for you to measuring yourself, no need for an extra helping hand

Whats in the box
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Battery
1 x User manual


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