Eishbox 426Wh Portable Power Station


The Eishbox 426 portable power station is your take-anywhere-do-anything emergency backup power supply. No fuel required. No fumes, no noise. Great for providing power outdoors and at home or office. Charge your Eishbox from the grid, from solar panels or from your vehicle. Ideal for Computers, Laptops, Routers, TVs, Lights, Printers and more.
Used in the home or office, the Eishbox portable power station functions like a traditional UPS. Plug the Eishbox into a dedicated wall socket and plug your essential loads into the unit. Ensure the wall plug is turned on. The Eishbox will switch over to battery power the instant the grid fails, ensuring seamless operation of your devices. And once grid power returns, the Eishbox will automatically begin to trickle-charge its internal battery in preparation for the next emergency.


Portable and Eco-Friendly.
Charge via Grid, Solar or Car.
AC, DC & USB Outputs.
Large Capacity Li-Ion Battery pack with Battery Management System.
Pure Sinewave UPS.
Built-in LED Lamp.


Solar Input: Yes. 18V 40W to 100W solar panel required. Solar Panel is sold separately.
Battery: 426Wh / 115200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.
Warranty: 1 Year.
Weight: 4.4 kg.
Dimensions: 35 × 17 × 25 cm.
Type: Pure Sinewave Inverter.
Continuous Power: 400W (430W Peak).
Switch Over Time: 10ms.
AC Overload: No output after overload. Disconnect load, restart and recover. No AC short-circuit protection.
Cycle Life: 800 cycles.


2 x AC 220V (Please note UK to SA Plug adaptor required sold separately).
2 x 5V USB ports.
2 x 12V DC sockets.

Charge Times

PC+Display: 4 Hours.
50W Fan:6 Hours.
Laptop: 8 Hours.
12V LED: 96 Hours.
Drone: 10 Hours.
Bar Fridge: 5+ Hours.
Smartphone 32″ LCD TV: 5 Hours.

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