Enervision E-Guard E90X 90Ah 12V AGM Battery


The E-GUARD NM (E-90X) series is designed for standby use with a 5-year design life in float service. This series of battery features high consistency, excellent performance and reliable standby service life. It is widely applied in float service, UPS/EPS, medical equipment, telecom, photovoltaic, control system and security system.


Increase durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications
Low self-discharge
Fully tank formed plates
Low impurity electrolyte
Spill proof / leak proof
Multi-position usage
Very high purity lead
Typical applications – Telecommunications , Power utility , Data Center’s , UPS & EPS
Warranty – 12 months

Electrical Specifications

Design floating Life @ 25°C

5 years.

Nominal Capacity @ 25°C

20 hour rate 4.63 A to 1.75Vpc -92.6 Ah
10 hour rate 9.04A to 1.75Vpc – 90.4Ah

Internal Resistance (Fully charged battery @ 25°C)

5 mΩ.

Max. Discharge Current @ 25°C


Charge Methods (Constant voltage charge @ 25°C)

Cycle Use: 14.7 ~ 14.9V Max.
Max Current: 27A.
Standby Use: 13.6 – 13.8V.

Operating Temperature Range

-30 – 50°C.
Battery voltage must be adjusted according to temperature.


3% of capacity declined per month @ 25°C.

Dimensions and Weight

L x W x H: 327mm x 172mm x 216mm.
Total Height: 221mm.
Weight: 27Kg.

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