Face and Skin Microderm Facial Machine



The Microderm Face is two machines in one. The Microderm Face makes use of the latest, most gentle and painless method currently being used around the world by those individuals wishing to look years younger.

The Microderm machine uses microcurrent and galvanic technology.

Microcurrent, which is actually an abbreviation for microampere electrical neuromuscular stimulation, to lift and tone facial muscles using a non-invasive technique of electrode application, providing a non-surgical facelift benefit. The microcurrent is sent through the skin via two handheld probes / electrodes.
Galvanic, skin treatments for rejuvenation of the skin and facial treatments. A low level of microcurrent is sent electrically through the Microderms strategically placed facial probes through the molecules of the applied product, reducing the product to very small ions. This ionization facilitates more product penetration into the skin for more effective utilization.
Together, the non-surgical facelift and galvanic treatments enhance each other and are extremely effective in achieving desired results.

Whats in the box
1 x Microderm Face Machine
1 x Power Cable
1 x Microderm Attachments
1 x Dual probe handles complete with cables and plug
2 x Gold rollers
4 x Gold balls
1 x Gold disc
2 x Dual Adapters
1 x Rod and sponge
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Carry Case


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