Fall Alert, Personal Tracker and SOS Emergency Call Device



This device alerts you when it (or the bearer of it) falls but that is far from the end of the story. It also

Tracks your movements and remembers them,
Acts as an emergence button for any kind of emergency,
Acts as a means of contact for 15 family members or friends (zero spam calls.)
Tells the time, visually and audibly.
Takes a photo and sends it to an authorized person
Alerts a person when the bearer leaves a certain area (think of someone getting lost without knowing…)
Is waterproof – you can even take it along in the shower.
To repeat – it is a fall alert.
It is a concern when the more vulnerable of our loved ones live alone or spend some time alone. They may fall, get lost or find themselves in some difficulty that we do not wish even to think of but it is a reality of life that the unforeseen happens. With Fall Alert some of that emotional cargo can be alleviated.

What is it?

It is a small device that can be carried conveniently on a person. It can be carried on a lanyard around the neck or in the special strap on the wrist like a watch. It is a watch as well as it displays the time too. It has a SIM card inside and acts like a microcell phone. It can replace the cell phone if you take it only for security reasons, for instance when you go for a walk. It can go with you everywhere, even in the shower as it is waterproof.

How is it activated?

One way to activate it is to press the one SOS button. When that happens, it dials a pre-selected number as well as sends an SMS with the location of the bearer of the Fall Alert. A “speaker phone-like” conversation is then initiated. If there is no answer at that number, a second and even a third number is dialled with the accompanied SMS.
Another activation process occurs when the device detects a fall. In this case, it gives the bearer a warning that it has detected a fall. For a few seconds, the bearer can cancel the process but failing that, it starts the process described above.
The owner of the selected number(s) can first try and communicate with the bearer by speaking through the device to get details of the situation or if that is impossible, can act by alerting medical or other emergency services or even just a neighbour. The selected number could also be that of your existing medical emergency service provider if you have that.
The device can be called by any of 15 pre-selected number (and only those) and then with the press of the SOS a conversation is initiated like a cell phone. A picture can also be taken with the device and sent to a pre-selected number. See the instruction leaflet enclosed.
How is it programmed and controlled?

There is a free downloadable app for all the cell phone operating systems used in South Africa. Once that is downloaded, one log in with the unique ID number on the back of the device. The contact is made automatically. From this app, many features are programmable like the three emergency telephone numbers, the 15 family numbers, the sensitivity of the falling detection – virtually everything concerning the device.

What is the running cost?

There is no subscription coupled to the device but there are people who can be contracted to respond to such emergencies if so desired. The only cost will be that of a SIM card with some airtime to call if it is activated and send the appropriate SMS. It uses a nano-SIM card which is fitted into a waterproof slot and locked with two tiny screws.


The device has a rechargeable battery and it is easily charged with a magnetic contact at the bottom of the device. Charging it is even easier than charging a cell phone.

4G LTE 3G WCDMA 2G GSM networks
GPS LBS WIFI tracking ways
Health management with Pill reminder, Step
SOS urgent call for help
Waterproof IP67
1.3’ LCD HD screen (240*240pdi)
Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check
2-megapixel HD camera function
Talking clock
Low battery alarm
Ringtone to find the pendant

GPS locating time?
30sec with cold boot (open sky)
29sec with warm boot (open sky)
5sec with hot boot (open sky)
GPS positioning accuracy?5-15m (open sky)
WIFI positioning accuracy?15-100m(Under WIFI range?
Working temperature?-20? ~ 70?
Working humidity?5% ~ 95% RH
Host size?59(L)45.3(W)16(H)mm
Host Net weight: 41g Battery:600mAh

Whats in the box
1 x GPS Tracker device
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User manual.
1 x Lanyard


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