IPower 400W 24V Inverter



Safe design with input and output electrical isolation.
Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output.
Optional output voltage 220/230VAC, choosing by DIP switch.
LED indicators for fault status and working status.
Lower No-load consumption.
Max. efficiency up to 95%.
Input protection: Over voltage protection, low voltage protection.
Output protection: Overload protection, short circuit protection.
Over temperature protection: Temperature-controlled Fan Ventilation; Inverter turns off automatically when overheating.

Technical Specification

Model: IP500-22.
Rated Input Voltage: 24VDC.
Input Voltage Range: 21.6 to 32VDC.
Input surge voltage: <44VDC.
Output Voltage: 220VAC (± 5%), 230VAC (-10% ~ + 5%).
Output Frequency: 50/60±0.1Hz
Output Continuous Power: 400W.
Power Factor: 0.2-1(VA lower than output continuous power).
Output Wave: Pure sine wave.
Overall dimension: 232.2mm × 132mm × 74.5mm.
Net weight: 1.7 kg.

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