MikayOxy 95% Oxygen 9L x 6 (Box of 6)



MikayOxy is a portable canister of clean oxygen, that increases endurance, recovery, mental acuity, and performance.

Each canister provides up to 50 x 1-second inhalations.

Oxygen is weightless.
Increased energy for athletic activity or an intense workout
Better stamina and increased physical endurance
Quick recovery of muscles
Decreased stress
Less fatigue and soreness

Get your MikayOxy today and see the difference in performance at the gym. Had a big night out? Feel better by raising your oxygen levels with MikayOxy.

Whether you are an athlete, dancer, swimmer, or a general sports person, MikayOxy will provide you with oxygen to attain your peak performance, MikayOxy help improves muscle strength, stamina, and recovery from training fatigue and soreness. MikayOxy is the best for pushing your physical and mental boundaries. MikayOxy will generate more energy in your body, enabling you to achieve peak performance in the gym or sports fields. Inhaling MikayOxy reduces stress and enhances cognitive ability.

MikayOxy will give:

Increased energy for athletic activity or an intense workout
Better stamina and increased physical endurance
Quick recovery of muscles
Decreased stress
Less fatigue and soreness

MikayOxy will also help you with muscle strength, stamina, and will help you recover from fatigue. MikayOxy is a breakthrough product for creating more energy in your body while assisting you to achieve peak performance. Inhaling a few puffs off MikayOxy will decrease stress and improve cognitive ability.

The oxygen levels in the human body often drop below normal values. MikayOxy will help you to quickly raise the level back to normal. MikayOxy allows you to inhale 95% oxygen as compared to room air which is 21%. MikayOxy combats the negative effects of pollution, smoking as well as the symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle.

Low oxygen level contributes to memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance, and depression inhaling MikayOxy can help improve these conditions. An adequate level of oxygen is helpful in maintaining “friendly” bacteria over disease-causing bacteria, and other organisms in the body. Pollution lowers atmospheric air in the air, MikayOxy is quite effective in counteracting the negative effects of pollution in your daily life and assists you in maintaining an adequate supply of oxygen in your body.

How to Use MikayOxy:

Position opening over your mouth.
Press the lever with your finger whilst taking a deep breath.
Keep your breath for 3-5 breaths.
Breath normally, repeat if necessary.

MikayOxy products are intended for recreational, intermittent use only, not to be used as medical nor life-saving products. People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to using MikayOxy.

When using MikayOxy, please observe these precautions:

Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion and flame.
Do not use or store MikayOxy canisters near flames, sparks, heat, fuels, or combustible material.
Canister temperature should not exceed 49 C (120 F).
Do not use if damaged.
Use only as directed.

Health Disclaimer: This product is not intended to compensate for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or mitigation of medical conditions. If you or a family member are experiencing any health-related problem, you should obtain medical advice from a certified health professional. You are advised to use this product with caution.

Whats in the box
6 x MikayOxy 95% Oxygen 9L


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