Simply Comfy Multifunctional W-Shaped Patient Turning Pillow For Elders



Simply comfy turning pillow makes it easier for caregivers to change diaper or mattresses for patients. It can also help patients change their bed positions, and turning over properly will help improve blood flow and avoid muscle atrophy and bedsores.

The upgraded turning pillow features w-shaped grooves to ensure the patients legs remain comfortable. The thicker sponge forms the most significant possible contact force area with the body, to avoid the patients feeling of pressure and discomfort. For caregivers who need to turn over the patient several times a day, this turning device is easy to operate, saves a lot of energy, and reduces the burden on family members and caregivers.

Simply comfy will provide you with the best quality service and after-sales guarantee. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We will never live up to your expectations!

– soft materials: made of high elastic soft sponge material to prevent scratching the skin and really easy to clean
– elderly securely lift assists: easy to change the position of elders and patients, help bed rest, and put the upper part of the knee into the two grooves of the product to turn it over. Not only can it easily change positions, but it can also help patients relieve the pain of pressure sores
– product size: 42 x 11 x 32 cm. One size is suitable for everyone, the interior is made of high-quality injection moulded foam and will not be deformed for long-term use
– simple operation: hold the handle and support the waist or back with the other hand for easy rotation. It can help reduce the difficulty of excretion care when changing washing, tidying up clothes/sheets, wiping, changing diapers, and placing the potty
– exercise assistance: it can promote blood circulation, and relieve swelling, pain, and fatigue. You can raise your legs to provide comfortable support during rest. The high leg wedges relieve the discomfort and pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back
– user: great for obese patients, general anaesthesia and other cognitive dysfunction, physical motor dysfunction, craniectomy, spinal surgery, and other major patient turn over, bed and so on

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1 x Simply Comfy Patient Turning device


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