Solis 5G 125.0kW 3-Phase Grid Tie Inverter


Product Features

Maximum 20 strings input, support 1.5 DC/AC inverter load ratio.
Integrated AC & DC disconnect switches.
Touch safe DC Fuse holders adds convenience and safety.
High precision intelligent strings monitoring, reduce fault location time.
Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module, all-around lightning protection.
Support Anti-PID function, improve system efficiency (Optional).
Over 99.1% Max. effciency.
Ethernet /RS485 multiple communication modes,flexible monitoring.
WiFi monitoring available – plus access to Android and Apple apps.
Type ll surge protection for DC and AC.
5 years standard warranty.

Technical Data

Input DC
Max. DC input power(kW): 187.5.
Max. DC input voltage(V): 1500.
Start-up voltage(V): 900.
Operating MPPT voltage range(V): 800-1450.
Max. input current(A): 150A.
Max. Short Circuit current for each MPPT: 300A.
MPPT number/Max input strings number: 1.20.

Output AC

Rated output power(kW): 125.
Max. apparent output power(kVA): 125.
Max. output power(kW): 125.
Rated grid voltage(V): 600.
Rated grid frequency (Hz): 50/60.
Grid frequency range (Hz): 47-52.
Operation phase: 3/PE.
Rated grid output current (A): 120.
Max. output current(A): 120.
Power Factor (at rated output power): 0.8leading … 0.8lagging.
THDi (at rated output power): <3%.

General Data

Dimensions(mm): 1176W*713.5H*315D.
Weight(kg): 84.
Topology: Transformer less.
Self-consumption (night): <3W (Night).
Operating ambient temperature range: -25~60°C.
Relative humidity: 0~100%.
Ingress protection: IP65.
Noise emission{typical}: <55 dBA.
Cooling concept: Fan cooling.
Max. operation altitude: 4000m.

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