Totai 12 Litre Indoor Low Pressure Gas Water Heater


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Advantages of Gas water heaters
There are different types of gas heating systems, i.e. standard storage tank, high-efficiency storage tank models and tankless water heaters. No matter which kind you choose, they offer the following advantages in comparison to electric heaters.

Fast heating. As opposed to electric hot water cylinders, gas water heaters work twice as fast. They recover much more quickly than electric models, which means your hot water supply is easily replenished. So, if you have a larger household or high demand for hot water in your home, a gas heater is a better option.
Lower energy costs. A gas model suffers heat loss from exhaust gases and the walls of the tank, while electric heaters are more energy efficient. However, in terms of energy costs, gas heaters are more affordable to operate since natural gas and propane are significantly cheaper than electricity.

Gas water heaters cost more upfront than an electric system. But if you take into consideration the operations cost, gas heaters generally make up the difference in price in about a year. In other words, it saves you cash in the long run.

Easy installation. Gas water heaters are typically easy to install, especially if you already have a gas line in your home.
Cleaner water. Tankless gas water heaters boil and heats freshly piped water. An ordinary water heater heats water stored in a tank, which can rust and collect hard mineral deposits. When the tank becomes old, the quality of the water declines. Nevertheless, tankless water heaters tend to consume more energy than storage water heaters which use energy at a slower rate. Proper maintenance will solve any water quality issue with standard tank water heaters.

Frequently asked Q&A
Can I install this geyser myself?

No, an Accredited installer is required for installation and warranty purposes.

Is it safe to use a gas geyser?

Gas is very safe to use if it is installed to LPGSA specifications which can be contacted to advise on the correct processes.
Can my geyser be installed indoors?
Only “B” Type geysers can be installed indoors and requires the flu to be installed with an outlet taking fumes outside.

Will my Gas water heater work through load shedding?

All Battery-operated water heaters will work anytime or off grid and the “D” size batteries need to be replaced once every 2 years.
Fan forced or Electronic ignition Gas water heaters require to be connected into mains and a UPS supply is needed in case of load shedding.

How do I choose the size water heater I need?

See the table above in images. An average home will use either 16L/m or 20L/m Gas water heaters. An 20L/m Electronic Fan Assisted geyser is the most efficient water heater and can replace a standard 100L electric geyser.

How often will I have to change my Gas cylinder?

Our gas geyser range consume different quantities of gas depending on the size.
The 20L/min geyser consumes an average of 2.8Kg/h. This means a 48 Kg cylinder could last 150 x 10-minute showers and average about 50 days depending on use.

Features and Benefits

Model: 13/GWH12LB.
Flow Rate: 12 l/min.
Suitable For: Bath/Shower.
Recommended Gas Cylinder: 19kg Or Bigger.
Maximum Nominal Gas Consumption: +/- 1.80 kg/hr.
Includes Flu Pipe.
Display : LED.
Geyser Type: Type B (Indoor installation).
Ignition Type: Battery.
Gas Type: LPG.

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