Trojan SAGM 205Ah 12V Deep Cycle Solar AGM Battery


Trojan’s proven quality and reliability is the result of our extensive engineering expertise in deep-cycle battery design. Our Solar AGM batteries feature:

Rugged Polypropylene case.
Flame arrestors for safety.
Optimized paste formula for solar applications.
Premium absorbed glass mat separators for maximum performance.
Top-facing or front-facing terminals for easy installation.

These combined elements deliver increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, and enhanced durability. The Trojan Solar AGM batteries are produced at its U.S.-based manufacturing operations which employ the latest technology, testing and quality check standards in the industry.

Technical Specifications

Model Name: SAGM 12 205.
Voltage: 12 V.
Capacity (Ah): 205 @ C20.
Energy(kWh): 2.46 @ C20.
Terminal Type: M8/LT.
Dimensions (mm): Length (380) x Width (176) x Height (357)
Weight(kg): 59.

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