Tecron 150L 200kPa Solar Geyser



Tecron offers Eco-Wise water heating through our complete range of solar water heating systems and panels. Solar water heating is economically and environmentally friendly – it uses natural energy, thus saving electricity.


SABS Approved.
Tecron Cylinders use standard SABS approved elements and thermostats – thus, it’s easy to find and replace if necessary.
All our products have an aesthetically appealing baked enamel finish.
Tecron offers a comprehensive range of copper hot water cylinders to suit all water heating requirements.
Tecron products are locally manufactured.
Tecron Hot Water Cylinders are manufactured strictly in accordance with SABS specifications.
Custom made cylinders and trays can be manufactured in accordance with customer specifications and requirements.
7 Year Guarantee.


Capacity: 150 Lt.
Configuration: Horizontal Internal Round Solar(External Round Solar in Galvanised Option).
Electric Loading: 2 kW.
Operational Pressure: 200 kPa.
Diameter: 550 mm.
Length: 1150 mm.
Optional Colours: Standard White or Galvanised.


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