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  • 135 Film Slide Scanner Converter Portable Negative Film Scanner 8 Megapixel

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    Features: Film Scanner The film scanner can convert the film into digital photos and store them on the computer forever. No longer afraid that the photos will turn yellow, the memory will fade out. 8 Megapixel CMOS Sensor Converts 135(35mm) film negatives and slides into digital JPEG format in seconds. The film scanner supports scan,…

  • 30mm x 30mm Fan, DC 12V

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    Introducing our efficient 30mm x 30mm 3D Printer Fan-a compact cooling powerhouse designed to keep your 3D printer running smoothly. With dimensions of 30mm x 30mm x 10mm, this fan is tailor-made for printers with space constraints, ensuring effective cooling without compromising on performance. Designed for straightforward integration, this fan can be easily connected to…

  • 3D Printer Linear Bearing LM8UU for 8mm Linear Rod

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    The LM8UU is a type of linear bearing that is commonly used in 3D printers, CNC machines, and other mechanical systems. It is a ball bearing design with an 8mm inner diameter, 15mm outer diameter, and 24mm length. The “LM” in the name stands for “Linear Motion”, while the “UU” refers to the double-sided rubber…

  • 3D Printer Stepper motor driver A4988 with Heat Sink

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    The A4988 is a complete microstepping motor driver designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in full, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth step modes. It has a built-in translator for easy operation and is capable of driving up to 35V and 2A. The product features a fixed off-time current regulator, with regulator in slow or mixed…

  • 3D Printing Pen – Pink

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    Create in 3D – The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3 Dimensions, freehand or on paper. Creates multi-layer artwork. Features: – Easy Handling – Pen style, lightweight design makes this the most comfortable and ergonomic 3D printing pen available. – Easy Setup & Auto Shutdown…

  • A3 Visualizer & Scanner

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    Simple. Powerful. Affordable. The V8 is an attractive, sleek lightweight visualizer with a built-in 8.0-megapixel CMOS sensor. It is an ideal tool for use in the classroom, office or home, as well as being portable & lightweight enough to travel with. With the innovative visualizer function, you can record a video to create interactive teaching…

  • A4 Mobile Document Scanner with LED Display

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    Description; – Compatible with Windows XP/7/Vista/Mac OS 10.4 or above version. Scan images or pictures quickly and store files within seconds, plug and play, no need for any software preinstalled. -3 modes of resolution for your options: 300dpi/600dpi/900dpi, you can save it in the clearest way, picture and document are shown clearly as it is….

  • A4 Portable Mobile Document Scanner with LED Display

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    Introducing the ultimate solution for efficient document handling the A4 mobile document scanner with LED display. Streamline your workflow, digitize your paperwork, and take control of your documents with ease. This portable scanner combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to bring you a hassle-free way to organize, store, and share your important papers. Description; -Compatible…

  • AEG Eclipse 10 Cordless Telephone

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    The design-line Eclipse by AEG is a cordless telephone with a unique elliptical shape which is bound to catch your eye. An absolute statement piece. Its glossy chrome finish, blue backlit keypad and 1.6 inch LCD display add to the intriguing design. The handset’s innovative magnetic connection makes it easy to pick up and replace…

  • Argox Os-214 Plus Barcode Printer

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    The Argox OS-214 label printer is the newest generation of Argox’s most successful medium volume printer model. Its attractive and stylish design is just one of several new features and advanced functions. The significantly larger onboard memory increases print capability for producing a wider range of label applications. A full-speed USB interface adds flexibility for…

  • Brass MK8 0.5 Nozzle (3D Printing)

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    The MK8-style nozzle refers to the design of its series and is a machined brass component with high-quality printing designed for 1.75mm filament. Remember that all PLA colors have different temperature requirements even though they might be the same brand. The 0.5mm nozzle features a brass material that ensures effective heat transfer and guarantees high-quality…

  • Brother Hll5200Dw High-Speed Monochrome Duplex Laser Printer

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    General: Print Technology: B/W Laser Technology Max. Black Print Speed (ppm): 42ppm Black Duplex Printing Standard: Yes Print Resolution (maximum dpi): Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi LCD Display: Yes (1-line, Backlit) First Time to Print: Less than 7.2 sec. Printer Driver Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Windows 10 CPU (Processor) Speed: 800 MHz Emulation(s)…

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